Gambling Culture in Australia

Gambling has become so popular in the country of Australia because of the adjustments in the regulations of the laws. When gambling was introduced in 1980’s, it was categorized as two types:

1) Majority of gamblers gamble due to recreational activities

2) Minority of gamblers create problems to themselves and others


With the de-regulation of laws, you will find that gambling has become part and parcel of life in Australia. Study says that more than 80% of adults gamble every year. But the most interesting part here is that though there is no restriction to gambling, people here are well- aware of problem gambling and all gambling sites and pokies always put up a board saying “gamble responsibly”. With almost the whole nation gambling, when you take a list of nations with gambling losses, Australia is not even on the top 5. The most common gamble takes place in horse racing and especially during the Melbourne Cup. When there are no proper horse racings, people shift to electronic gambling machines or pokies. One of the most important law that changed the act of gambling in Australia is the passing of Interactive Gambling Act in 2001.

Another fascinating thing about gambling in Australia is that you need not pay taxes for your bet winnings. The taxation office works so perfectly that you should pay taxes normally but not on your gambling winnings.

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