Good powertools for home projects

If you do small installations and repairs at home… If you like DIY jobs and you dare with your own decoration projects… Here are the 9 power tools that you should do for DIY at home.

They are not essential, but a great help… So, the recommendation is to gradually go with this assortment of power tools to cover most of the jobs that can be presented in a home…

Always remember that the quality tool lasts for life, and that it is better to make you with guaranteed products and prestigious brands than to make the “purchase of the poor”, which obliges you to purchase the same product twice for not having opted for the quality On the first purchase…

Cordless Screwdriver

Screwdrivers with lithium battery are perhaps, today, the most necessary tool in a house. They have gained a lot of autonomy and power, and are an invaluable aid that saves us a manual labor as tedious as screw-threading. The new generation of Bosch Ixo has great features and even adapters for different tasks. To emphasize the adapter that gives the tool the function of drilling materials such as wood…

Laser meter

It is as small as the mobile phone and allows you to take action anytime, anywhere. The Bosch PLR 15 measures with a margin of error of 1 mm up to 15 meters. It works with normal batteries, and has laser technology, safer than ultrasonic.

Thermo-adhesive gun

The thermo-adhesive pistols have been imposed for their comfort and safety to glue and seal all types of materials and the facility to find spare parts: the tail cartridges. The adherence of most of the materials with this system is perfect. Although it is possible to buy a pistol for about 6 € in any bazaar, hardware store or craft store, it is always advisable to opt for brands like Bosch or Dremel and lithium battery. We have tested the Bosch Glue Pen.


There are several types of electric sanders for the different works with wood that can be presented in a house. The best known are those of band, of greater or smaller size, but also are the sanding machines delta to access to difficult corners, the orbitals and roto-orbitales… Dexter has light sanding machines of low price that are very practical for many works at home. But for small crafts or DIY projects with furniture the Bosch Mouse is highly recommended.

keyhole saw

It is ideal for cuts in wood, pvc or metals that need cutting depth. The latest generation incorporate a lithium battery to work comfortably without clogging cables. Although there are also circular saw, miter saw, saber saw and minisierras, perhaps the saw is the most “off-road”, allowing straight and curved cuts. Before choosing, you should test the weight, power and depth of cut, which can reach 90 mm in wood… It should be noted that these are not to be confused with table saws like the ones on this site –


It makes easy the difficult: retapizar chairs, place wooden friezes on walls and ceilings, line closets, nail back to shelves… Skil, Black & Decker, Bosch… Any of these brands have high quality staplers and nailers. The latest generation is coming without cables.

Mini grinder

The main function of the grinder is grinding. It has different discs to deal with different materials. But they also serve for milling, sanding or grooving. For example, they are often used to cut ceramics. It is an economic and multipurpose tool that can replace several at home.

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