Playtime with your Dogs

Playtime activities contribute to the well-being of your dog while allowing his learning in the relaxation. Playing with dog develops his physical, psychological balance, but also his sensitivity. A game is a very effective way for your puppy to overcome his fears and apprehensions.

You can play with your dog as soon as he wishes. This shows him that you are caring. However, avoid playing it during the hour following the meal, it could turn the stomach upside down, especially for large dogs.
But to ensure your dog a total well-being, be sure to consider his abilities. An older dog will not have the same endurance as a young dog. Aside from playing let your dog keeps jumping over the fences, it will help their bones and muscles stronger.

Despite its playful aspect, also has the function of showing your dog that you are the master. He must understand that it is you who set the limits in the game as in everyday life. As a game, try to take his bowl or his favorite toy without giving it any resistance. So, you protect him: if he had a dangerous object in his mouth, you could easily remove it.

There are games purely playful, and others with a more educational function, which can, among other things, help him develop his sense of smell, his flair, his agility …

The game and learning of the dog socialize the animal and help it to position itself within a group. The game is of great importance for the control of the bite. Through play, the puppy learns to control the pressure of his jaw when the members of his siblings are no longer there to manifest themselves by their cries when they nibble at each other. When the dog plays with his / her master, it is imperative that the latter retains control of the situation. The game represents an indispensable educational function for inserting the animal into the complex society of humans. If the game is the opportunity to teach the dog some basic orders, it is also synonymous with fun and entertainment. Playful moments are indispensable in the establishment of a healthy relationship of complicity between the master and the dog.

Playful moments are indispensable in the establishment of a healthy relationship of complicity between the master and the dog.

The dog ‘s games and learning, at least until weaning, are usually carried out by the mother before the master takes over. The game ensures the social cohesion of the scope. The game sessions will allow the puppy to learn by satisfying his curiosity. It will receive the information, understand it, memorize it and then adapt its behavior according to how it has integrated this information.

Game and learning of your dog will be intense moments of complicity and sharing. The moral and physical well-being of the animal will depend on this relationship and on the benefits of a playful activity.

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